Meals that create good memories, not trash


Imagine a lifestyle with significantly less packaging waste involved. 
That's how you'll roll, with Lettuce.


Modern Day Packaging is Immensely Damaging . . .

. . . To individuals, cities, countries and the planet. There is simply no other way to say it.

It's piling up everywhere

Every time you buy food that is individually-wrapped, you are contributing to the mountains of plastic waste collecting on land and sea.  Even though recycling is more and more prevalent, it is not a perpetual cycle because the quality of the recycled material reduces with each round of processing.

It's not all safe for you

Throw-away plastic wrapping / bags aren’t always 100% safe. New research comes out regularly that shows how chemicals in various wrappings are unsafe for packaging food.

Manufacturing of Plastics is Polluting

From the effects of extraction of petroleum to refining, manufacturing and transportation of plastic containers – there is little in all of it that does not have a harmful impact on the environment. 

How it Works

So we asked:

'How can food be delivered in zero-waste packaging at mass scale?'

Our answer: The Milkman, technology enabled.
Back to the future.

This is Insane . . .

Everyone who’s used a national meal kit service has experienced the insane amounts of packaging they come in. Watch this video to see how incredibly wasteful and harmful all that packaging really is!


Waste prevention tracker

This weeks’ Lettuce delivery helped avoid of plastic waste from hitting the landfill. 
Bravo for doing your part! 

More Convenient

No one we know loves dealing with trash and recycling. Lettuce customers significantly reduce the level of trash and recycling they have to deal with. 

Save Time . . .

With the conventional ways it takes time to find the right individually wrapped ingredients, among several others. With Lettuce, that’s a thing of the past – perfectly proportioned, in 1 container/recipe, ready to prepare and cook. 

And Money . . .

At the store, when you buy something wrapped in throwaway packaging, you are paying not just for the food, but also the packaging – only to throw it away. With Lettuce because we reuse containers over and over again, we pass the savings on to you – hence our slow prices. 

Reuse is the New Recycle

While recycling is better than packaging ending up in the landfill, the environmental and economic costs of recycling are significant. Reuse is a better solution. 

It's Totally Safe!

Lettuce’s reusable containers go through a rigorous, efficient commercial-grade cleaning process that ensures that each container is as clean as new before every delivery. 
Cleaning and reusing containers carry a significantly lower carbon footprint than recycling, or using throwaway packaging.